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Game play for November 2016 until time to be determined

This will be a everyone welcome event. The rules are simple find a person to play a game with you using either Crimson Dragon Games using any of these methods:

Rules are real simple:

  • 1500 points
  • All army types that either have a Codex or Chapter Approved are allowed, to include latest 40k rules for things like Legio Custodes, or Sisters of Silence- Notice it is only if there are 40K rules not 30K rules. Both by the way are not complete armies but allies under ‘Armies of the Imperium’. See here for what I mean by 40k rules
  • Forgeworld units and rules can be used only if you have the rules to share with your opponent, like the Elysian Drop Troops
  • Can be Unbound, Battle-forged, Formation, allies…
  • All models must follow the rules What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) for weapons/vehicles and mostly GW/Forgeworld, but you want to bring out the squats to be Astra Militarum go for it! No proxies allowed.
  • Don’t need to be painted
  • Fortifications can be used and are required to be placed prior to the terrain set up

How does it work?

All players, notice I said all, so teams of 2 vs 2- FFA- 2 vs 1 are all allowed, fill out their score sheet(to be created and posted here shortly). As people play they start to get a win/loss record and placed on a scoreboard with their record. At certain stages and levels players will gain distinct advantages with number or wins or losses, like bonus die roll, pick your side no dice roll required, get a free bunker(for those who keep losing)… things change and are fluid. Surprises in the future.

So two newer players could each bring a 750 point army to play against the one player at 1500. Both of the 750pt players would score a win a piece if they won. 2 vs 2 could still be 1500 a piece so a total of 3000 points a side if they wished.

One last thing if buy something the day of the game you get that many points added to your army. So if you buy $40.00 of stuff you get 40 extra points that game. That is one way to add a powerfist or other piece of wargear to a character without using points.


Kill Team event using Heralds of Ruins Kill Team rules. If you think this is a good idea hit us up on our Facebook page and say so.

The Details

We want to have fun and make this a great way to just get some 40k in.
This will be a 3 month campaign.

One time entry fee of $10.00. Crimson Dragon Games adding $50.00 prize support.
There will be one official weekend a month for the event but an opportunity to play anytime for a record game during the month.

Currently the three dates will be:

    Start time will be 12:00 PM(Noon) with set-up and registration starting at 11:30 AM day of event.
  • 21 May(Game day) – 17 June 2016 (1st Month)
  • 25 June(Game day) – 15 July 2016 (2nd Month) this is a change was the 18th
  • 16 July(Game day) – 31 July 2016 (Winner announced on the 31st)

We will be using the Campaign Rules starting at 250 points, and 2 points of Renown and a Forward Base(See page 7 of the Campaign Rules for clarification) for the first month. Teams must be made from the Team Lists found on the Heralds of Ruin website.

You will be able to play three games for record during that month and select your best game for the results. All injuries, Requisition Points need to be determined before both players leave and recorded on a battle sheet that will be provided by John. This will allow all players an opportunity to maybe have a winning game, but still suffer severe losses due to injuries depending on the game selected or a strong force even with a loss. It may be more beneficial to have a loss, because of a quick loss on say Doomsday Device game, or you just got a ton of other Requisition Points without winning, see Page 5 of the Campaign Rules to see what I mean, or keeping your army intact vs a completely brutal win with only a few surviving team members or few Requisition Points gained. It is all about strategy and the next month.

You will be able to pick Game 1, 2, or 3 before the next official game date by telling John which battle sheet you are selecting. This will then allow you to spend your Requisition Points for the next months battles.

Breakdown on what is being said:

  • You start with your 250 point team and will play that team for as many games as you wish, only 3 games can be records, and at least 2 of them must be against different opponents.
  • This is the only time your Kill Team roster can change from game to game, once you pick a record for upgrading you are locked into that roster(so end of first month no more modifying the base roster)
  • Second month 18 June everyone can start using their modified list from use of RP on the Campaign Force Roster using the last months Record battle sheet and ready to play more games.

If something doesn’t make sense go ahead ask questions and add comments to the Chisago Lakes Wargaming Society Facebook page.

The Heralds of Ruin Forum is also a source of information on questions. They have warned that they haven’t updated a lot in the past years, so practice common sense.

Updated lists to 7th Edition in the Heralds of Ruin Forums slightly buried not published on website:

Courtesy of John W, some PDF’s you can fill out (Hint you need to download and open using PDF or other reader not Internet Explorer or other browser):
Kill Team Roster
Campaign Force Roster

Standings for the first month so far:

Round 1
Players Score
Dave v. John W 17W / 12L
Jay v. Will 19W / 14L
Josh C v. Jacob 18W / 11L
Round 2
Players Score
Dave v. Josh C 23W / 11L
John W v. Jay 14L / 25W
Will v. Jacob 14L / 21W
Round 3
Players Score
Dave v. Jay 10L / 27W
Josh C v. Will 18D / 21D
Jacob v. John W 22W / 12L

By the way the best army has the intellect to say things like this (click me)
Did I mention I am old skool WH40k player so this is still my mentality (click).

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